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Trained as a fine artist, my love of making objects and installations naturally lead me into an interest in creating worlds for stage and screen. Because of my art training I’ve found that I have an innate sense of color and form, as well as experience working with a large variety of materials and mediums, all of which greatly aides me in the process of planning, buying, creating a set or making props.  I also have an iphone, a mac, and a vehicle that can haul a lot of stuff.




Set Dresser, A Happening of Momentous Proportions, Los Angeles, Ca. --- 2016

A feature film involving three main settings, corporate office ( kitchen, cubicles, offices), middle school ( multiple classrooms, teachers lounge and exterior), House ( bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom), and Cafe ( exterior, interior, bathroom).


Production Designer, You Can Never Really Know Someone, Los Angeles, Ca --- 2016

A short film produced in conjunction with JASH. I took care of all Art Department responcibilities: set design/ dressing, props, etc. 


Production Designer, Circles, Los Angeles, Ca --- 2016

A short film in which a supervised a build of the false wall with wall papering, a controlled demolish for a hole in the wall gag, props, wardrobe, and set dressing.


Art Director, "Dirt Sledding" By, The Killers, Ca --- 2015

In this music video I had the oppurtuniy to be extremely creative and work very closely with the director. I designed many of the sets, helped with costume construction and design, and props. 


Art Director, Ric Mirror, Los Angeles, Ca --- 2015

A comedy sketch about Rick Muir's lesser known brother and his tireless mission. This shoot consisted of mostly prop and wardrobe as it was shot in a green screen studio and in nature. Finding clever props that would propel the comedy and give actors something interesting to interact with was key in this shoot.


Art Director, Home Shopping, Los Angeles, CA --- 2015

A bizarre and lovely sketch for JASH youtube channel. I was responcible for set dressing/design, and all props.


Art Director, Blame, Ojai, CA — 2015

A delightful short film to be a part of. Because of the small size of the production I was responsible for set dressing, props, and wardrobe.


Art Director, Eat Your Heart Out, Los Angeles, Ca — 2015

This short film based on Jeffery Dahmer was another period piece that required attention to detail and being able to merge the directors vision with accurateness to the true events. 


Art director, band of robbers, Los Angeles, Ca— 2014

Band of Robbers was a lot of hard work but extremely fulfilling. The most challenging part of this feature was the sheer number of locations and the on location build we had to do in Barstow, CA. Getting to see its success in the 2015 LA Film Festival and limited international release was the icing on the cake.


Prop Master, Tiger Hunter, Los Angeles, Ca — 2014

Tiger Hunter is set in 1979 so it required more time and research into finding the perfect props that fit the time period and the needs of the script. The most challenging prop proved to be finding a working Polariod camera and film with the proper boarder dimensions.




Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, IA — Masters in Teaching (Art), 2006


Nova Scotia Collage of Art and Design, Halifax, N.S. — Fine Arts, 1993




Researching, delegating, painting, drawing, color theory, some sculpting skills, assistant building, scenic, set dressing, props (making and acquiring) and a hard working enthusiasm for making a script come to life.

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