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Allison Honeycutt is a fine artist based in Los Angeles, California.


She graduated from NSCAD University with a BFA and Minor in drawing as well as a Post-Baccalaureate in studio art from MIU in her home town of Fairfield, Iowa.

In her art she honors the beauty of awkwardness, tactility, and humor. She explores many topics involving the human body, grief, and the culture of collecting and consuming.  


Working with fabric is a wonderful way to play with form and emptiness simultaneously and when creating wearable art you have the opportunity to fill your piece and let it move, or let it live as only an object like a discarded shell, beautiful and empty but telling the story of a life lived inside of it.


2022 - TXP Magazine 259 Spring 2022 Theme: Body          











2016- Steadfast Magazine Issue No. 3 La Libertad Artistica






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