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Art Department 

"Grey" by, Trouble Lights

This is the first music video I art directed, and it is very close to my heart. In this peice I had the oppurtunity to work with some of my best friends and had a lot of input on the concept which centered around the costume (Fleshsuit) which I custom created for Adrien Daller.

"Live Forever"
by, Jesse Sarvinski

This two day shoot in Joshua Tree centered around two main sets, the abandoned house and the fort we constructed out of discarded lumber we found on the property. A really fun project to Art Direct with a great crew.

Band of Robbers

I feel so delighted to have part of this feature film. Art directing Band of Robbers was such a pleasure as well as hard work but with a big pay off. Its not often that you get to work with so many talented and amazing people all on one movie set.

The two most satisfying sets we created were The Man Cave, and Muff's Apartment. In The Man Cave we got to have a lot of control over the space and play with the humor of these grown up kids with there ill begotten plan.

Muff's apartment was all about light and texture, and its always fun to play with the grungy layers of a grimey den.

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Trailers and teaser:



As Art Director of this short film, I was responcible for everything in the art department: props, set dressing, scenic as well as the added department of wardrobe. This job took a lot of organization skills and practical and professional prep was key in making this 6 day shoot go smoothly. 

Password: booboobeeboo

Home Shopping


This weird little wonder was created for JASH youtube channel. I was asked to design and dress the set as well as provide and distress the props appropriate to the bizarre mood of the peice.

"Dirt Sledding" By, The Killers


This music video was fantastically fun to be a part of. I was entrusted with a lot of creative freedom and worked very closely with the director to design the sets and help create the costumes.



Ric Mirror


A wonderfully enjoyable sketch to help bring to life! My main contributions to this comedy gem were wardrobe and props as most of the shooting was done in front of green screen and in nature. I had a lot of artistic input, and was left to gather whatever items I thought would aid in the comedic vibes beyond the basic needs of the script. 



In this black and white short fillm, our biggest challange was building a false wall and wallpapering it 3 different times throughout the 4 day shoot. The wall had to be able to be slowly demolished as a large hole grew throughout the film while looking aethically pleasing and staying structurely sound. Though I was production designer I also took on wardrobe as this was a smaller sized production.


(This film is currently in post production, more images and link to come soon).

You Can Never Really Know Someone

This short film following the strange journey of Gretchen Comchack as she navigates through her day. There were five main sets to design/dress, the insurance office, boutique,  animal shelter, church, and home. This was a low budget peice but it came out beautifully and was wonderful to work on.


Watch here:


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