My interview for Wine Box Art Talk, where I discuss creativity, process, and Flesh Suits.


"GREY" By, Trouble Lights.

Directed by Philip Rabalais
Starring Adrien Daller
Concept by Allison Honeycutt, Adrien Daller and Philip Rabalais
Costume by Allison Honeycutt
Edited by Philip Rabalais
Shot by Philip Rabalais, Allison Honeycutt and Hilary Nelson in Fairfield, Iowa
Song by Adrien Daller and Philip Rabalais

© 2013 by allisonhoneycutthunt

The Skin (detail)

The Skin was created using a dozen layers of liquid latex over a male mannequin and then peeled off. This piece became increasingly macabre as the sticky latex began to cling, wrinkle and fold in on itself. The Skin is the original piece that inspired the Skin Suits as they are today.