My interview for Wine Box Art Talk, where I discuss creativity, process, and Flesh Suits.


"GREY" By, Trouble Lights.

Directed by Philip Rabalais
Starring Adrien Daller
Concept by Allison Honeycutt, Adrien Daller and Philip Rabalais
Costume by Allison Honeycutt
Edited by Philip Rabalais
Shot by Philip Rabalais, Allison Honeycutt and Hilary Nelson in Fairfield, Iowa
Song by Adrien Daller and Philip Rabalais

© 2013 by allisonhoneycutthunt


The Skins series is an investigation of aging and growing, not just in the physical sense but also mentally and emotionally. The Leg Skins are a physically representation of what we shed and leave behind as we "evolve". They also speak to the fragile nature of our human form and how it wrinkles, ripples and dimples with time and use. This series is a direct offshoot of the Fleshsuit series and has the same implications of beauty in that which we have been taught are flaws.